Pleasant Travels – Canadian Permanent Resident Cards

In terms of Canadian Permanent Resident Cards it is a requirement for those who are who are in the planning processes of becoming a Permanent Resident of the country of Canada to pick up their new “PR” cards in order that the official Canadian counsel staff can verify and assure the person’s identity. You can never be too sure today in 2009 / 2010 when it comes to identity theft and identity theft practices .Hence this is more step and procedure to assure the Canadian governmental authorities entrusted with these special and important vital tasks that the individual or groups of applicants that come to pick up their documents are the boni-fide applicant and registrant for actual permanent resident status in the Dominion of Canada. Canadian residents who have PR cards expiring in the near future and who plan on traveling before they have a chance to renew their Permanent Residence (PR) documentation brochures should contact their local CIC office. Why so? It seems that permanent residents who are returning to Canada by commercial carrier (be it airplane, train, boat or Greyhound bus), will now require this PR card, as an official document, even to board the transit carrier itself. Thus in a flash, you may have your travel and trip plans thoroughly inconvenienced. This can occur either for a family trip, a vacation or even for medical treatment abroad or even across the line in US – say for a simple CAT scan or N.M.R. medical diagnostic scan at Pembina North Dakota. On the other hand you might find yourself in the quandary of suddenly discovering that you will be traveling abroad or even to the USA shortly and you do not have a sufficient time period or interval to renew your permanent resident status documents, or if you are in the bureaucratic category or categories of already having submitted your application yet not received or taken physical possession of the certificate with its official credential and official stamps and registration , don’t panic , you still have a number of options available to yourself and your traveling companions. Firstly, if you have not yet mailed in your application or applications, the procedure is to submit a copy of your plane ticket or other fare documents along with your application. In addition label your application with the notation “Urgent Proof of Travel Included” clearly both on the outside and along with the documents submitted themselves. Of course it is always wise and prudent procedure to photocopy, or scan into your computer – be it desktop or laptop, for later verification or proof if needed. This labeled and identified you can be assured that the highly efficient staff at the local or main Ottawa Ontario main office will place and examine your submission on a higher praetor basis for the quick turnaround of the necessary package to you by registered mail or courier. However if you have already submitted your application before the processing time posted on the official website online , then it might be best to follow up with a simple enquiry by email , phone or fax. Pleasant travels. Published at:

Advice For Happy Travels With Children

These days, one of the most affordable ways for families to travel is by car. This can be fun if you take the time to plan for the trip. Kids can have fun during long car rides as you make your way from your home to your vacation destination. Prepare for your travels using the following advice, and everyone can have a happy time on the road and at your destination. Pack an activity bag for your kids. You can include things like travel games, coloring books, toys and anything else that you think might keep your kids entertained as you travel. The trip will go much quicker if you can find activities that all of the family can be involved with. Bring along music that everyone loves! Even though you may not have the same taste in music as the others in your family, find something that will keep them singing. If you have little ones, books on CD could keep them happy for quite a few miles. Of course, portable DVD players are another option to keep them busy for long periods. Once you have packed your family’s luggage, double check to be sure you did not forget anything. Only take the things that you know you will need to reduce the amount that you have to carry around. You can always spend some time at a laundromat if you run out of clothes. Do not forget to pack any medications that anyone is currently taking or medicine that kids commonly need. Pack some Tylenol and allergy medication to be sure you are prepared for fevers, headaches, bee stings or allergy problems. Keep these supplies in the front of the car with you so you do not have to dig for them if you should need them. Find hotels that are family oriented. You will have a much better time with the family if you find accommodations that are welcoming to families with children of all ages. These hotels may have more activities for your kids to take part in, or they may just be more lenient about the level of noise your kids can make. Give your kids a camera of their very own. This will really brighten their day and allow you to see the experiences that your family has in the perspective of the kids. Your kids can have fun taking the pictures and the entire family can have fun reminiscing as you all look through them. Keep your kids involved in the decisions you make about the activities the family will take part in during your travels. You may be surprised about the things that they would like to do. This will reduce the stress that you have in picking activities for the family, and the kids will have a chance to do the things that they really want to do. Some of your greatest life experiences can be when your family hits the road for a family vacation. Use these tips to make the most of the time you get to spend traveling with your children. Published at:

Helicopter Travels at Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is really a gorgeous steep-sided canyon in the United States. It attracts visitors from all over the world. There are lots of methods to visit it, which includes airplane, rental cars as well as bus. However, the ultimate way to go to this wonderful place from Las Vegas would be using a helicopter. Helicopter tours are quick, adventurous and packed with fun. Moreover, helicopters are able to fly at lower altitudes as compared to airplanes. Due to this, you will get to savor a better view. Even if you desire to view a few difficult-to-reach spots the helicopters are well suited for the intent. Helicopters merely need landing pads, and no runaways. This enables them to fly to as well as get down in the bottoom of Grand Canyon. Regardless of what seat you decide on, it is the finest. The helicopters generally have stadium-style seats by which every single passengers gets to enjoy a perfect front view via the windshield. The most wonderful thing about deciding on the helicopter journey is you’ll get to view things in 30 minutes which normally would require days. The majority of the Las Vegas helicopters fly a person to the Grand Canyon West (West Rim), making your journey a perfect one. On your way, you’re going to get to see Lake Mead, which is the largest man-made water body within the U.S. Additionally, you’ll get to view the Hoover Dam, which is the 2nd largest dam within the U.S. During your helicopter tour, you will also have an opportunity to view several other fascinating things. The views are breathtakingly beautiful and therefore are sure to make you spellbound. The helicopter tours have been organized in such a manner that there’s something to accommodate every price range. You might go ahead for a basic excursion of simply the canyon as well as few other locations. If you can raise your capacity to pay slightly higher, you’ll be able to make the trip more fascinating. It is possible to decide on a set down in the canyon to have lunch or perhaps enjoy a cruise down the river. A number of organizations even offer you a combination of helicopter and boat excursion. Most of the helicopter tours are extremely popular. It’ll therefore be smart to go for advance reserving if you don’t want to be left disappointed. Before you book, be sure you go through the cancellation deal, that is in small print. Have your reservation confirmed soon after you reach Las Vegas. To relish smoother flying as well as best visibility reserve an early morning trip. People who want to view the strip should go for the mid-day flight. Don’t forget to carry your digital camera or perhaps camcorder together with you. Just in case you overlook, the helicopters have camcorders which record the entire excursion, which you may buy later on. The trip might sound expensive initially, but once you have relished your journey you’ll be left with no complaints. Whether or not you go for a standard trip or those that provides you with a lot more views, you will cherish every bit of it. The knowledge that you will have is such that it will stick with you for a lifetime. Published at:

A Self Described Homebody Travels to Las Vegas

I was looking for some travel ideas when I came across a deal going to Las Vegas from Miami and staying at the Stratosphere Hotel. Don’t know much about this hotel, other then what is written in the caption. The Travel Channel, if memory serves me correctly, did a story on this hotel; but I’m not positive how I felt about it one way or another. I haven’t been in Vegas since I was 13 years old; so most would say that I have never been there. I do enjoy gambling and the occasional show that my wife more then likely would drag me too, but really, other then that what is there to do in Vegas? I secretly thought that when they came up with the whole slogan; “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” was meant, in some part to me. I’m so boring that upon my arrival I would have to use that discrete slogan rather then tell them that I simply hung out in my hotel room watching television. I am, without question, one of the biggest home bodies that I have ever met. I blame this on my parents; my father specifically, although my mother should carry some of the guilt. Growing up, they would take my sister and I on vacations, but it seemed to me that my father was always more excited about coming back home then us kids were of going. I think he felt more comfortable with his surroundings when he knew what channel ABC was on so that he wouldn’t miss his evening news. He was never really big on experimenting with different foods either. To this day he will not eat any type of fish unless my mother prepares for him…same way every time. Yes, I am the product of my parents; and I’m damn proud of it. My wife, an emphatic traveler herself, would gladly give up her existence as she knows it to have a chance at the job that Sandra Brown has. Traveling the world, staying at wonderful and exotic places and reporting it all back to the people on the other end of the television; people like me who think that it might be better to watch a show about traveling to these places, as it is to actually set foot in them. So, after coming to grips that no matter how much I would like to convince myself; and others that only have a passing idea of the real me, there is no way that I will be that renowned traveler. I enjoy taking trips, but much like my father, I find comfort in coming back home. Sometimes that feeling of comfort overshadows the pure excitement that I had counting down the minutes before my vacation; but I put on a brave face and I trek on. Might kind as quite a surprise to learn that I have became a travel writer for a travel newsletter. It has, after all, come to a shock to me and to those people close enough to me to know that I, in all intents and purposes, really don’t like to travel beyond my 5 mile radius. I’m not an adrenaline junkie nor am I that much of an adventurer; but I do enjoy telling stories. My laptop is as important to me as bug spray on my trip, because no matter where I go, the one thing that needs to be done is to record it all. So here I sit in this crowded airport waiting for my seat to be called to board this Boeing airliner that is to serve as my chariot for this journey. Not having seen the bright lights of Vegas, I have pre-determined notions of what to expect. Will the lights welcome me in? Will the room be as comfortable as it sounded when the travel agent described it to me? Will I think of the movie ‘Casino’ as I sit in wait in great haste for my room service meal? My trip to Vegas is here. I feel, that for the first time in a great while, I will find it more enjoyable to go on my vacation, then I will be of going home. Maybe this is what they mean about things happening in Vegas, a convenient little antidote that I will surely employ. Published at:

A Guide to Getting the Most From Mexico Travels

Are you planning a trip to Mexico? Do you want to get a feel for what it is truly like to live there? If this interests you, visit some of the places that let you experience the real Mexico. Watching the people go by gives you great insight into their daily lives. Town Squares Every town has a plaza or park where the people gather. Sit on a bench there and watch life. Enjoy a snack while you watch. These town squares are the very heart of Mexican culture. Every single one will be different. Everyone will offer you sights you cannot see anywhere else. Alameda in Mexico City has a shadowy past, but today it is bright with color, young lovers, and great food. The Jardin plaza in San Miguel de Allende is a gathering place for artists of all kinds. You can watch them paint and sketch daily life. Look! Up in the Sky! Fireworks are very popular in Mexico. They put on a grand show for every festival. The most lavish displays are the castillos, while the wildest ones are the toros, where men run through the streets carrying fireworks over their shoulders. Music Mexico is rich in music. Mariachi is popular in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Romantic songs sung by boleros will soothe the wildest heart. In the tropical regions, you may hear a lot of “musica tropical” made up of cha-chas and mambos. Along with music, Mexicans love dancing. From folk dancing to ballet, you can enjoy it all while you are in Mexico. Some places, like Merida, have park dances almost every night for everyone to enjoy. You cannot help but marvel at the colorful displays you will see. If you happen across a festival, you are really in for a treat. The colorful traditional costumes will be a feast for the eyes just as the music is a feast for the ears. On the Coast In the towns along the coast, you will see big sidewalks following the roads that skirt the beaches. These areas are full of delicious foods, local wares, and entertainment. If you visit Mazatlan, Cozumel, Veracruz, Puerto Vallarta or La Paz, be sure to take a stroll along these wondrous places of Mexican culture. In addition, do not forget to try some seafood! Good Eating While we are on the subject of food, you cannot find more flavorful or colorful food than the authentic Mexican recipes you will find during your travels. Chicken, beef, pork, and seafood are all cooked with great artistry. Experiment and try something new. Fresh food is the order of the day when you are in Mexico. Eat everywhere and try the native cuisine the way it is meant to be prepared. Your whole concept of what Mexican food is will be forever altered. Make the most of your travels in Mexico. Really, immerse yourself in the culture. You will not only learn about Mexico, you will learn a lot about yourself. Take the time to understand the people you meet. We may be different on the outside, but deep down we are all the same. Open your horizons to this amazing culture next door. You will not ever be the same. Published at: